Thursday, September 1, 2016

Good Vibrations - Part IV

Slowly - but getting there!

Our home schedule changed this week, so we went down to the boat on both Monday & Wednesday and made good progress both days.

The Electrical harness is complete all bar the securing of the harness to nearby bulkheads and tying wires out o the way of the vibrating engine. 

The Raw Water hoses are all in place and just need their hose clamps securing.

The Engine to Water Heater hoses are both replaced and connected and the new Thermostat is in place, but I do need a couple of elbow fittings to reduce stress on the hot water tank connections and avoid having the new hoses kinking.

So the last thing to do prior to attempting an engine start is tightening all of the hose clamps, priming the Coolant System (burping the engine) and installing the new Drive Belt to replace the old one which is obviously not new and now's a good a time as any to replace it.

The plan is to get all of that done on Saturday. With luck we'll be running the engine by lunchtime.

So the to do list:
  • Install 2 Elbows in the hoses from the water heater to the engine coolant water hoses.
  • Tighten all hose clamps
  • Install new Drive belt and adjust to correct tension
  • Complete an Oil Change
  • Top up the Coolant and Prime the Coolant lines
  • Secure all of the harness wiring to nearby bulkheads.
  • Test run the engine and look for leaks in the Raw Water System, Coolant System and Exhaust System.
  • Dress the new Riser in it's fancy insulation jacket.
  • Clean up the boat interior!
I hope we can get all of that done Saturday, and after running the engine for at least a half hour alongside the dock, then perhaps- Odin on our side - we'll get the boat away from the dock on Sunday!

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