Saturday, August 27, 2016

Good Vibrations - Part III

Nearly there but we have not left the dock!

Spent 3 hours on the boat today. First thing was to check out the issue with the Fuel gauge and the Blower motor. Turned out the blower motor was not a big deal. I had not attached the positive lead to the switch - it was just hanging there! Easy fix. Then the fuel gauge... I checked the gauge, shorted the sensor post to ground and the meter read full scale (full tank) so the gauge was ok. Then cut the wire from the sensor that went to the thank ground, had voltage there, but the resistance from the sensor to the tank ground was a couple of kv. So the problem was a bad earth. New cable from the sensor to the newly installed tank ground and we were back in business. That took care of yesterday's issues.

Next a bit more engine clean up. Peggy had done such a good job yesterday that it inspired me to make further progress. Once past that I installed the Aqua Lift exhaust hose and the riser/gasket and hump hose. That went pretty quick. On to the plumbing. The silicone hose that I purchased is too short! grrrr! I'll pick up a longer hose at WM next week. But did get the heat exchanger installed and the new hose from the raw water filter to the pump and from the pump to the heat exchanger.

Just a couple o little jobs and it's getting close to engine running test time. WoooHooo!

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