Sunday, September 18, 2016

Passing By

We were motoring back towards our slip just before noon today, Sunday, after an overnight at Lake Sylvia during the Harvest moon.

So, forgive me as I just take a few minutes to share what it's like motoring backup the New River in Fort Lauderdale, which is probably much like motoring through any river towards the boat's slip, anywhere in the country. I would like to think it is.

Over the past year we have gotten to recognize the voices of the bridge tenders at each of the 4 bridges we have to pass as we motor up the busy New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

We're familiar with the twists and turns on the river, and used to the friendly waves and the camera snapshots as we pass by. We know where the trees overhang the river and need to be avoided. There are the sharp turns where current tends to twist the boat's direction. By Andrews Avenue Bridge there are two pump outflows that have a habit of opening just before pass them, that outflow will push us across the river if we don't have enough momentum (enough way in sailors parlance.)

If you spot us as we head up the river, you'll notice that we'e wearing our lifejackets, one of my boat rules - If we're not tied to something, Anchor, Dock, Another boat, then anyone outside the cabin must wear their lifejacket. You'll also notice that we are probably the only boat you'll see the crew wearing them, but that's ok, we'll set the example.

As we motor along, we'll pass many boats tied up to slips or docks. Some have the telltale thick green crud along their water line, that usually indicates they have been there a while, months if not years. Some of the boats seem abandoned, and some are always spotless. There'll be the occasional crew onboard, and they will normally take the time to wave as we pass.

It always crosses my mind as we see those boats, tide up, as we pass. I envy them sometimes, probably living on their boat, perhaps stopping in Fort Lauderdale for a break as they transit the ICW or even the world. And I wonder how many of them envy us because we're not tied up, we're moving!

When it comes down to it, it's the Moving part of being on a sailboat that I enjoy the most. You might hear the phrase that 'You get there faster in a Power boat' and 'You're already there in sail boat'. I agree totally, we're already there when we're on our Sailboat. And when we're moving, either outbound to the Ocean or inbound back to our slip, it doesn't matter, we're there.

See you on the water. - Moving!

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