Sunday, September 4, 2016

Local Kubota Dealer

Kubota Dealer - Pompano Beach FL

One of the benefits of DIY engine service is that you're forced to find local resources for help on the engine. I found one just 10 Minutes away from our home in Margate FL.

Southeastern Power Products in Pompano Beach FL 

I had an issue replacing the Air Filter in our Universal M25-XP Diesel Engine on Eximius, not a surprise, it's nearly 30 years old. The old air filter looked pretty much like a wad of stainless steel shavings - a bit like a Stainless Pan Scrubber. I asked the guys at Southeastern Products about my options.
Most stores would tell you that you're out of luck, here's a possible replacement and it costs a BOAT or two. One of the guys in the store researched the engine specs and the air flow requirements and was able to bring out an alternative unit - if it would fit inside our engine bay. One of the guys in the store is a Marine guy, obviously knows his stuff and was able to find several alternative methods of connecting one of the new Air Filters to the engine.
Meanwhile, I asked a 3rd guy about the Thermostat for our engine and commented on the fact that it's been missing since we purchased the boat. Several guys chimed in on the consequence of running a diesel engine so cool - our's ran around 110°F - the guys recommended a thermostat that kept the engine around 173°F but not for a water cooled exhaust system. So I'm ok with our 145°F thermostat that I had purchased previously. Again, they took the time to listen to my issues and coming up with qualified responses.

I took a few pics of the Air Filters that they suggested with a tape measure included so that I could figure out if the filter would fit.

The whole unit was about $50, very reasonable, but would it fit?

We went down to the boat to measure, and sadly it would barely fit and would have to be removed in order to change out the internal air filter.

So on the way back home, we stopped by Southeastern Power Products and thanked the guys. They took the time, again, to answer a question I had about the starter solenoid - they had one in stock $66 but during discussion, I realized that I could just re-install the old, but serviceable, solenoid that I had removed 2 months ago in preference for a slightly different unit.

While there, I took this pic - not especially exciting, but that wall is just the front a computerised storage system that is nearly 18' tall behind the wall. That allows them to stock a huge inventory of parts.

It's nice to know that a company that obviously handles a very wide range of products and stocks a gazillion Kubota Parts and has a really supportive attitude to their customers.

While there I could hear one of the girls handling calls for parts, so I assume they take calls for mail order.

Thanks Guys! Somehow I think I'll be back again. Hope you all have a great Labor Day.


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