Saturday, May 11, 2024

M25XP Damper Plate replacement Pt.9

Installing the M25XP engine after the Damper Plate replacement

Friday was a long day! We started by setting up the Air Conditioning, by 10am, it was already 96ºF and that was not easy ( see the post about  that here ).

With the boat cooling down, I started on the reinstall.

Here's the progress on the check off list.
  • Install Heat Exchanger
  • 4 Hoses connecting the engine and the heat exchanger to the exhaust system.
  • Glow Plug supply wire
  • Oil Pressure switch wire
  • Coolant Temperature wire
  • Coolant High Temp wire
  • Starter Solenoid Wire
  • Starter power wire
  • Raw Water pump hoses
  • Coolant pump hoses
  • Fuel supply hose
  • Fuel return hose
  • Install Alternator
  • 4 pin Alternator plug
  • Alternator +ve wire
  • Alternator -ve Wire
  • Alternator Temp Sense 
  • -ve Ground master wire to engine ( Bell housing )
  • Connect Drive Shaft
  • Connect Throttle cable
  • Connect Engine Stop Cable
  • Connect Gear change cable
  • Bleed the Fuel System
  • Change the Gearbox Oil
  • Refill the Coolant System
  • Tension the Alternator
  • Shim the Alternator support ( Alternator alignment ) 
  • Align the Engine to Propshaft

So that's the plan for Monday. Going to be busy but if all goes well, we'll be ready for the realignment for either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Note: In order to ensure there's no risk of shorting out the Alternator +ve wire while reconnecting it we have to ensure it is not a live conductor.  Before I reconnect the Alternator +ve wire which is currently insulated from shorting out against anything, I'll turn the Solar Master Disconnect switch to off, then turn off the Battery Master Disconnect, remove the temporary terminal insulation, connect the +ve wire to the alternator, turn on the Battery Master Disconnect switch and then the Master Solar Disconnect Switch.

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