Thursday, May 16, 2024

M25XP Damper Plate replacement Pt.10

1st Start of our Universal M24XP after Damper Plate Change

Quick update on progress.

Today I reconnected the Oil Pressure Switch cable then the Alternator +ve Cable, the Starter Power Cable and then topped up the Coolant.

To bleed the fuel system I opened the Fuel Cock on top of the Fuel Tank, Turned on the engine so that the Fuel Pump would start to circulate the diesel fuel. Then once fuel leaked out of the top of the Fuel Filter I left the pump running for 20 minutes. My idea was that by that time, all of the air in the system should have been pumped into the fuel tank via the fuel return line.

Next was to run the engine. Engine Power Key to On, Raw Water valve opened, Ignition key to on, hearing the Low Oil Pressure warning, that's good. Next hold down the Glow Plug switch for 20 seconds. Make sure the Shut off is in the down position and Throttle a minimum and Gear in Neutral ( Prop Shaft is not currently connected to the gearbox coupling ) than Stab the Start Button. The engine started up without any hesitation. Life is good.

All that is left to do is the Alignment, change the Transmission Gearbox Oil and replace the Anti Syphon valve in the line from the heat exchanger to the Nipple on the exhaust riser.

Greg came down to the boat and between us we got the alignment completed, just as well because this was the last day of temps below 90ºF. We got the engine to shaft alignment to within 0.002" WooHoo.

I have to run the engine for an hour or so and then recheck the alignment and that all of the engine mount nuts and bolts are still tight.

Then I screwed up! 

I removed the Cap and valve from the top of the Anti Syphon, it's located inside the cupboard in the head and inside it is located just below the bathroom countertop as far aft as it could be.

I removed the old Anti Syphon cap and the 'duckbill' valve. Then I reached in with the new replacement and the duckbill valve promptly fell out of the cap and disappeared in the gap between the engine bulkhead and the hull - gone never to be seen again!  Oh CARP.

The reason for replacing the valve was that it no longer was air tight and would allow sea water to be syphoned into the exhaust from the muffler into the engine - DO NOT ALLOW THAT! So I didn't want to risk putting the old valve back in place. Greg agreed it was not worth the risk.  New valves ( yes, spares! ) are on their way, probably arrive by Monday next week :(

Ok, back to work. Next was the Gearbox Oil Change, this should be easy, but then it's on a boat not a tractor. 
Step 1: Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean reinsert it to the threads and withdraw it to check the oil level - it's up to the groove near the lower end of the dipstick.
Step 2: Suck out the Oil from the oil filler hole.  I used our Oil Extractor Pump, normally used for our engine oil changes, it only took less than a minute.
Step 3: Measure the Oil extracted so that I know how much to put back in.
Step 4: Pour the measured fresh oil back into the gearbox - This did not go well!

Good to see the
Cabin Steps
back in place.
The space below the aft berth is not a nice place to be, definitely high on the Boat Yoga Positions Index, I still have bruises on my left ribs from the contortions of trying to get two hands on the gearbox while trying, unsuccessfully to pour oil into the hole which is just below the heat exchanger.

After trying multiple methods of refilling the gearbox oil, I finally figured on getting a tube down into the gearbox filler hole from on top of the engine. Now all I need is get a funnel that fits that tube and refill the gearbox up to the dipstick mark.  Doing that this weekend.

We started to clean up the cabin, but cannot put the aft cabin back together as I need to complete the gearbox oil change, we did get a lot of tools put away so things are getting back to normal.

No pressure - we're preparing for the Memorial Day cruise next weekend. Plan is to leave the dock on Thursday just before High Tide and head straight down to Miami, about a 31mile trip via the Ocean, I detest the ICW trip which is long motor, no sailing. We'll be back to the dock on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Ok, nearly wrapped up this project.  One more update and we should be done.


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