Tuesday, May 7, 2024

M25XP Damper Plate replacement Pt.7

 Installing the new Damper Plate on our Universal M25XP

I spent about 1/2 an hour cleaning up the Bell Housing and Gearbox, there's quite a bit of paint that has flaked off of the housing. The underside of the gearbox was particularly dirty, grimy, yuck!

Same process, scrub down using paint brushes and paper towels along with Dish Liquid.

I did carefully look over all of the gearbox exterior and what little is visible from inside of the Bell Housing, but could not find any markings which would help identify which model of gearbox we have.  I'll ask the guys on the C34 forum about that.

Next I moved onto the Engine Bay cleanup.

Came up pretty good. A second application of the dish soap and lots of rubbing with heavy duty paper towels.

I was able to clean up both Port & Stbd sides of the stringers, it looks so much better now.

I'll give the prop shaft end of the coupling a good wire brushing and treatment with citric acid before putting the engine back on it's mounts.

Will also tidy up the electrical connections to the engine, it should look a whole lot better.

Ok, Plan for Part 8 - Paint the engine, reconnect the bell housing and gear box then lift the engine back onto it's motor mounts. I'll get that done tomorrow ( Wednesday April 8th ) and even start on reinstalling the starter, heat exchanger and the Alternator. 20 minutes work.... Right!  We'll see how much we can get done. 

Oh! When I got home Peggy reminded me about my HDL ( Honey Do List )   So I took the old, no longer working, security cameras down and finished putting up the new units. The old were installed over 11 year ago, the new cameras are amazing! 

Having crossed one item off of the HDL, I worked on the Heat Exchanger mounting.

Spent 10 minutes working on it with a wire brush and chip hammer, treated the remaining rusty surface with Citric Acid and then Sprayed it with High Heat engine paint.

Second coat before turning in tonight, take it down to the boat in the morning and reattach it on the Bell Housing.

We're making progress.

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