Thursday, May 9, 2024

M25XP Damper Plate replacement Pt.8

Putting the M25XP back together with it's new Damper Plate

As planned, I cleaned the back end of the engine and the Bell housing with Total Boat Cleaner then sprayed the surfaces with High Heat gold paint - it's not really gold.

I was paying particular attention to the area of the engine below the raw water pump and the back/bottom of the engine sump.

That sheet of plastic was shielding the woodwork from the paint. Turned out pretty good - I would not win any art contest.

Peggy was helping quite a bit today so not many photos - ok, none! So here's the process.

I setup the chain hoist and raised the engine about 6" off of the floor ( soul ) and then fitted the Bell Housing onto the back of the engine, it was pretty easy if a little awkward as the engine was now free to swing about. Luckily we are tied to the dock in a canal, no fast moving, wake inducing boats around here.

With the Bell housing in position, I torqued the bolts to 10Nm but will have to see if that is sufficient. Time to go over the manuals again.  Those bolts can be reached from either above the engine or from the aft berth, so adjusting the torque should not be an issue.

I did think we had lost a bolt, but finally realized that empty bolt hole is actually the location of the Engine's Main Ground wire on it's own Nut & Bolt - it's in the magnetic parts tray, so not lost!

Ok, time to list what has yet to be connected/installed.
  • Install Heat Exchanger
  • 4 Hoses connecting the engine and the heat exchanger to the exhaust system.
  • Glow Plug supply wire
  • Oil Pressure switch wire
  • Coolant Temperature wire
  • Coolant High Temp wire
  • Starter Solenoid Wire
  • Starter power wire
  • Raw Water pump hoses
  • Coolant pump hoses
  • Fuel supply hose
  • Fuel return hose
  • Install Alternator
  • 4 pin Alternator plug
  • Alternator +ve wire
  • Alternator -ve Wire
  • Alternator Temp Sense 
  • -ve Ground master wire to engine ( Bell housing )
  • Connect Drive Shaft
  • Connect Throttle cable
  • Connect Engine Stop Cable
  • Connect Gear change cable
I think that's it.  Next is the Alignment and I'm having Greg come down and supervise me doing that. 

We have put off our trip to be Tuesday next week ( 5/14/2024 ) which is still looking dicey, we may delay it so that we're just doing a Sea Trial next week as we're going to join the sailing club's Memorial Day cruise at the end of the month in Miami.

Meanwhile, Peggy is adding things onto my HDL, I'm thinking of putting sticky notes up on our kitchen cupboards, much like Mads on Sail Life 

Day off today - kidding - but I am working at home today, lawn, hedges, etc. etc. Life goes on.

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