Friday, August 26, 2016

Good Vibrations - Part III

I get it! Our boat is 28 years old, but I would like it to help it live strong for another 28 years!

Peggy & I went down to the boat this Thursday to progress the new wiring harness installation. Making good progress, but I have realized that every wire in the new harness is replacing an old wire that is way past it's prime.

Here's another one.
The Fuel Pump Ground wire was hidden behind the Fuel Pump, I had to take a pic using my phone just to see what it was like.
No surprise! Ready to fail. I removed it, made up a new ground wire and lead it into the engine bay where I have installed a new -ve Buss Bar.
I'll be replacing all of the ground wires as I get to them. Next is the ground for the Fuel Level Sensor. That will bond the tank and provide the ground (again to the -ve buss bar)

If the weather holds out today, I could get the rest of the Engine Harness in and tested, perhaps even get the Alternator installed, along with the Heat Exchanger and the new Exhaust Riser.

Weather was good!

We completed the electrical installation today and - bonus - Peggy cleaned up the engine.
She spent nearly two hours cleaning the grot off the engine using paper towels, Simply Green, a pair of tweezers and a lot of gumption.
Then I installed the Alternator and wired that up, completed the last of the ground wires, we were ready to test everything.

Initial test was not too bad. Everything seems to be working except the Blower Motor and the Fuel gauge.
I'll check the wiring on those two circuits tomorrow.

At least we have a nice clean engine to work around - Thanks Peggy!

More Saturday.

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