Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Don't Get Me Started Part V

Control Panel Housing Modification

While out on our good friend's boat Esprit Du Vent, I noticed a couple of things on their Control Panel & Housing.

The control panel had an extra switch - I asked Bob and he explained how it controlled the Cockpit Subdued lighting. Now, we don't have any 'subdued' cockpit lighting, they're nice, but we don't have them and not sure if we want them right now. However, I also realized that the Instrument lighting is controlled by the ignition switch. That explains how our instruments have burn marks on them! The lights are powered up any time the ignition switch is on! Even during the Daytime!

So this got me thinking. If I install an additional switch on the Engine Control Panel, it could be used to operate the Instrument lighting. 

The second thing I noticed was there is a wedge shaped built into the front of the Panel housing where the Engine Stop lever is located and there's not one on Eximius. That wedge angles the Stop lever away from the clear perspex spray cover that protects the Engine Instruments from the elements. That's another good idea. 

So, I sanded off the new paint from around the Engine Stop lever hole near the front of the Panel housing and then built up a wedge similar to the one on Esprit Du Vent using 2 part epoxy.

Here's the original housing before the modification:
Note the cuts around the Stop lever mounting hole where I had to use my Dremel to cut out the lever. 

Here's the result:
The wedge is barely visible in the lower left corner of the Control Panel Housing
Close up view of the new Stop Lever Mounting Wedge

Check off that improvement.

Still working on the panel wiring, some of the cables have not arrived yet, so a bit of a delay, looks like we won't get out on our boat this weekend as hoped :( But when we do, it'll be sweeeeeet!

See you out there.

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