Thursday, April 27, 2023

Replacing the Coolant hoses

Time to replace the Engine Coolant Hose

While re-installing the Alternator after the new Balmar Serpentine Belt Pulley had been installed, I noticed that one of the two engine coolant hoses were kinked, when Peggy saw that, her nursing instinct kicked in and her urging me to replace it.

I really like Silicone Hoses and found Flexfab - 3/8" ID x 1 ft (Sold Per Foot) 5526 Blue Silicone Heater Hose 10mm J20R3 Class A 350F Radiator Coolant Part Number 5526-038, on Amazon.

I ordered 6' which would give me some to spare, 5' might have been enough.

Also purchased Yoebor Brass Hose Barb Fitting 3/8" Barbed x 3/8" Barbed 90 Degree Elbow Connector (Pack of 2)

Down at the boat it only took a few minutes to remove the 4 hose clamps from the old hoses and then apply a bit of elbow grease to pull them off their fittings.

I cut a couple of inches of the new hose and attached one end to one of the brass elbows using a new hose clamp. Then I attached the other end of the short piece of hose to the fitting on the side of the coolant pump Then cutting another piece of the silicone hose I attached one end to the brass elbow by the coolant pump fitting. One more end on that hose and one hose change out complete.
The other hose fitting on the coolant pump is horizontal and so it's not kinked when it turns towards the other ends of the hoses which are connected to the Water Heater hoses via brass fittings not quite visible in the top photo on the left ( Stbd Side )

With the two hoses replaced and tidied up with some zip ties, it looked good. I probably only spilt maybe a table spoon of coolant as the engine hadn't run for about 4 days. I still ran the engine for 20 mins to make sure it was cooling ok, it was.

It looks really neat now, the hose clamp ends have been bent back so that they can't snag the other hose nor my hands when working on the engine.

I know, time to clean up the engine again and apply some spray paint. It's on my honeydoes list.

Yes, I cleaned up the spillage. :)

See you on the water.

We''re gearing up for the West Palm Beach Regatta next weekend. Just a couple of projects to do, is'nt there always 'just a couple' ??

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