Sunday, April 30, 2023

A really good headlamp

I'm impressed by this headlight

I tend to go through headlamps on my boat. They fail mostly because of corrosion or fail to hold a charge and then have to be replaced and worst of all, they have been awkward to turn on.

I don't have banana sized fingers, but some of the headlamps I had were difficult to turn on and off, primarily because it was difficult to find the switch when the lamp is on my head!

The Slonik headlamp should last a lot longer.
#1 It has a standard rechargeable battery, readily available on Amazon. So it's quite reasonable to have a second battery fully charged then the light should be good for 8 hours on max brightness.

#2 Corrosion. Mostly the problem is that the charging port cover is not really moisture proof. The Slonik charging port is hidden inside of the metal cover of the on/off switch, one has to unscrew the on/off switch until the charging port is exposed.

#3 And this is a big thing for me. The on/off switch is not a skimpy little switch which is awkward to locate, it's a big button on the end of the light, easily located, no need to fidget around trying to find the switch.

And there's More!

Most headlamps have several modes, and it's a pain trying to select one. The Slonik light has one single control button. Press it once to turn it on, Press and hold it in to switch between the High to Low illumination level, It has 6 levels, just hold the switch in until the lamp dims to the desired setting. Better still - if one selects a lower light level, it remembers it when the lamp is turned off, so turning it back on returns to the same selected level.

It's very sturdy, comfortable and practical. I would give it 10 stars.

No, I'm not being sponsored in any way, just really pleased to get a decent quality headlamp that I believe will last on our sailboat.

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