Saturday, April 29, 2023

Refinishing the Galley Woodwork

Refinishing the Galley Woodwork - The Galley Drawers

Having spent a lot of effort, time and money on the boat's electrical system, it's time to revamp the Cabins.

How do you eat an Elephant - who would want to, but if you, then one bite at a time. The same goes for the interior woodwork in the boat.  Phase 1 - The Galley.

The Galley has 3 drawers, the two in view with a drop down flap at the bottom for 'additional storage' Ha! One thing short on our boat is galley storage!

As can be seen in this pic, the cabinet is pretty dark.

The cabinet is easily removed. I have previously cut the depth down to allow for the Water Filters that are now mounted immediately forward of the two drawers.

The hinges for the flap are pretty shot, not only corroded, but actually the metal has split.  New hinges from Amazon fit perfectly in the old screw holes.

BTW, I have no clue of the purpose of the two wooden strips on the inside ( topside in the pic ) of the lower flap. Anyone know please let me know.

About two hours of sanding and three coats of water based polyurethane and the cabinet looks a whole lot better. The finish is much lighter and when the rest of the cabin woodwork is as light as that it should make a substantial difference.

Note, the original drawer fronts and the lower flap were not made to match, I'm sure they are Teak but appear to be from wildly different bits of a tree. 

This photo shows the difference, the Cutlery drawer on the left is not refinished yet, that's this weekends project. 

Not sure how I'll refinish the fiddles around the counter yet, sanding is pretty dusty. Perhaps Peggy can manage the wet-n-dry vacuum or the Dyson while I operate the sander. I'll have to tape off the white counter top and the white cabinet areas to avoid sanding those.

That little piece below the cooker is only held in place by 3 screws, so that should be easy.

I figure if I do just one piece a week, it won't take long. But then again..... It's a boat! 

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