Saturday, May 22, 2021

Keeping notes of things to do on the boat

 Keeping notes of things to do on the boat

It seems that every trip is responsible for pointing out that we need to do something on the boat, some before the next trip. Even though I'm retired, life is pretty hectic and I just don't keep  notes in my head as well nowadays.

I have tried using spreadsheets, but it's a little cumbersome. Then I found Google's Keep Notes.

Keep-Notes is a google app that can be installed on Android phones, Tablets but is also available on the web at

It's a really simple App/Website (you would hardly know you were on a website) and allows multiple notes to be kept and accessible from the google account. 

If I keep notes on the web via Chrome, that same, updated, note is almost immediately available on the phone app.

Here's an example of a recent note. The items in this note are setup as Checkboxes, if I check off the box that item is shifted into the Completed Items list which is below the uncompleted items list.

Setting up a check off list is optional, if I just want to keep a text note, I just start typing or use the Voice input. Of course, voice does not always get it right as the list below demonstrates - (Just keeping it real here)

This note was created via the App (Voice is an option on the App)
The list was of the boat names that participated in a recent HISC cruise on St. Pat's Day at Sunrise Bay in Florida.

The boat name list should have read:

I kinda like the interpretations.

I find that the lists being available on all of my google devices is a huge benefit. eg. I keep a list titled 'Lowes' containing items I need to get at my next visit to Lowes. I can edit the list on my laptop at home and then review the list when I'm in Lowes.

I really like the simplicity of the whole system, but it does have a few more tricks.

eg The 3 dot menu in the bottom line of any list includes the option to copy the list to Google Docs. I know, I could just cut and paste the note into a google document, but it's an easy process to copy it over.

Typically I have multiple notes: Winn Dixie, Lowes, Eximius, House and more.

Hope you find this useful.

See you on the water.

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