Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday afternoon and I could do with a Beer.

 Fixing the Head

This is our Jabsco Head Pump. We are very careful when it comes to taking care of our head system.

This pump is normally used to pump the poop out of the bowl and to flush the bowl with water, however, I disconnected the water supply to the pump (it was a salt water supply) and we keep a flushing jug in the bathroom. We've tried various jug sizes, turns out the best so far is a 2.44 quart OJ container, we fill it to the 2 qt mark and that helps us keep track of how much is in the tank.

Back to the Pum fix.

Peggy complained about the pump being too stiff last weekend we were out, and it really was. In the past a quick lube with teflon lubricant did the job. But this time there was black sealing rubber coming out of the top of the pump shaft (under the grey handle)

Time to pull it apart and fix it.

The top of the pump is secured in place with 6 screws. But why on earth do they still use Flat Head screws  on anything ??

But they do, so I carry the tools.

The flapper valves are getting old, and I carry a repair kit for the toilet on board.

It only took a few minutes to remove the whole valve assembly, clean up the surfaces beneath that and put the new flapper valve in place.

The big hole in this pic is where the pump does it's job. It looks cruddy but cleaned up with a few Chlorox Wipes got it done.

The big "O" ring on the end of the Pump shaft was next, two pairs of pliers quickly removed the nut on the end of the shaft, but then I found there's no need to remove the O-ring holder. There's a flat on the lower side of the holder that allows for easy removal and replacement of the O-ring.

Before putting everything back together, copious amounts of Teflon lube was slathered on the pump O-ring, and the seal where the pump shaft exits the top of the pump casing. That needs to be replaced, but the kit I had did not include that seal, time to get another kit - with that seal.

Works a charm now.

This is the wrong kit! Ours looks like the center of those 3.

Although the handle is Gray. And the boat was built in 1987, but perhaps the head is newer that that.

Another Sunny Sunday Afternoon, listening to the Beatles Fixing a Hole - how appropo!

Head's fixed. 

See you on the water!

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