Thursday, July 19, 2018

Saving the view

Adding a Cover for the Cabin Top Hatch

New cover for the Cabin Top Hatch on Eximius.

This is a modification to the Sailrite Hatch Cover in a couple of ways.
  • The Corners are hemmed even though all edges of the material were cut using a Hot Knife.
  • The Line exit is moved from a corner to the middle. This makes it easier to put the cover on as all 4 corners can be secured before pulling down on the cord lock to secure the line.
Very pleased with how it turned out. Used some of the old Sail Cover (it's huge).

This is my 5th Hatch Cover, and I really like the design. I can pull up on any edge or any corner and it will not release from the hatch, but easing the cord lock will release it right away.

Using my new Sewing Machine table and Servo motor for my Sailrite LSZ-1 machine makes it a breeze to sew accurately. Very pleased with my investment.

Here are two more hatch covers I made today.

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