Saturday, July 7, 2018

Admiral cannot get out of the cabin

Cabin Sliding Hatch is a pain to open

Peggy has been complaining about how difficult it is to open the Cabin Sliding hatch from inside the cabin - this past weekend I realized that she cannot open the hatch from the inside! Not good!

The problem is well known to the members of the C34 Association ( and one of the members has developed a cure.

Basically the problem is that the Hatch rubs fiberglass against fiberglass which has gathered dirt and grime during it's 30 Year lifetime. Not only is the hatch difficult to open & close, but it makes a nasty screeching noise in the process.

There appears to be two solutions: #1 - Remove the hatch cover which involves removing two 7' long strips of teak and possibly some traveller hardware, then clean up the underside of the hatch and the surface that it slides upon, then put it all back together - pretty simple, but wow!
#2 - Insert a piece of UHMV plastic on the sliding surface. Done!

Mark (from forum) has taken the trouble to purchase a sheet (or more) of the UHMV 1/16" thick material and has cut it into the appropriate length strips. I contacted Mark this morning, asking if he had any of the strips left over, he does. I paid him by Pay Pal and by mid day he has packed a pair of the strips and dropped them into a USPS drop box. WOW ! 

Several of the guys that have already installed them have left very positive comments with the advice to secure the strips in place with a countersunk screw at the aft end of the strip and as far forward as can be reached without removing the hatch.

I'll take pics.

Thanks Mark! Great product.

See you on the Water.

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