Saturday, July 7, 2018

Not a big Fan

Can you hear me or the Fan?

Fan motors really spoil my day, I detest the noise as much as that of a vacuum cleaner and we have 5 Fans on Eximius: 2 in the Salon, 1  in the V-berth, 1 in the Bathroom(head), and one in the aft Berth. I purchased them all at the same time, installed them all and all of them are NOISEY!

It finally got to me on our last trip and I plead my case with Peggy that I made a bad choice when purchasing the fans and would like to replace one to see if we could find a more bearable option.

The Galley Fan (old one shown here) was mounted just forward of the Fridge/Freezer lid and did not have a lot of room for positioning. It did have a good blow, but the noise was awful.
$40 from Amazon Prime.
This is the model I replaced it with. No cover over the blades, which the manufacturer claims will not harm fingers.

Well, that's my experience as shown in the video below.

So, with one fan replaced and the new is soooo much better than the old, I'll be swapping out the rest of them over the next few weeks/months.

See you on the water.

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