Friday, July 15, 2016

Very Cool GPS Remote

Warning - Boat Geek

When we purchased Eximius, it had a Garmin 741XS GPS and Radar unit. Since then we have done a few upgrades. New NMEA 2000 Network, New Masthead Wireless Wind Transducer and Display at the helm.

Recenlty I downloaded the Garmin Helm app for Android - VERY COOL!

After setting up the Garmin GPS by turning on the Wireless Network and giving it a Name (our boat) and password. Then it was simple to run the app, provide the network password and from then on the Tablet displayed the screen of the GPS and had access to all of the data that was flowing through the NMEA network. 

This week I was working on the Engine Exhaust system trying to fix a leak of exhaust gas/water into the bilge. During that work, I took a break and considered what was involved in installing our new Garmin DST800 Transducer. That transducer provides Depth, Speed though the Water and Water Temperature.

Currently we get our Depth data from a Garmin Transducer mounted inside the hull under the aft berth and a Garmin Echo display unit mounted at the Helm. But the current Boat speed data is provided by a defunct transducer in the hull at the Bow, and has not been reliable for the past few months. I have been considering hauling the boat and installing the new transducer that we purchased as part of the system back last year.

Today I took a leap of faith. Several C34 owners have reported changing out their transducers with the boat in the water. Simply a matter of pulling out the old one and replacing with the new really really quickly! Because when the transducer is removed, water will enter the boat! And quickly!

So I tried it, and was ready to reinsert the old transducer if the new did not fit. But it did! I doubt that I got much more than 1pint of water in the boat. Phew!

10 minutes later, I had the new transducer hooked up to our NMEA 2000 Network and was able to see Water Depth and Temp in our multi function display, nothing on the speed but heck the boat was tied to the dock!

Now we have Speed through the water, depth and water temp data all available to any display on the NMEA 2000 network. I am enamored with this system. Some time in the future I may add some Engine data to the system. Sure would be nice to see the Engine RPM, Temp and Oil pressure on the displays.

Of course, with our Garmin Helm, we can also see all that data from the comfort of the cabin at the Nav Station.

See you on the Water!


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