Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Exhasted Part II

Fixing the Exhaust Leak Part II

The replacement Hump Hose arrived and I headed down to the boat.
Thanks to the advice on the C34 Forum, installing the new Hump Hose was a breeze, I wish that were the end of the project, but Nooooo!

First Step, Size up the Hump Hose and figure out where to cut it in order to fit to both the Exhaust Riser and the Muffler Inlet tube while making it possible to remove it in the future without having to cut it.

The Hose supplied was 8 1/2" long but the gap between the Exhaust Riser and the Muffler inlet tube is only 3". Add enough hose for 2 Hose clamps on each end and that gives the minimum length for the hose.

It's easy to cut the Silicone hose, but don't want it to be short. So I added 1/2" to each end beyond the hose clamps.

Installation complete. Turned out to be an easy task but again, all thanks to the many folks that have done this previously and shared their experience on the C34 Forum

But as I eluded to above, this did not solve all of the leak issues.

The Muffler no longer leaks and the Hump Hose where it connects to the Riser and Muffler does not leak.

But after running the engine for 10 minutes I found that the Riser itself was weeping by the coolant water inlet nipple and there is a raw water leak (drip) on the hoses going from the Strainer to the Pump and from the Heat Exchanger to the Riser Nipple.

Time to replace the Riser! and the Raw Water hoses! Something told me this job was going way to easy!

This is a pic of the Riser and Coolant water Nipple, you can see where it's leaking. The water/exhaust has been building up for quite a while and has almost fossilized the Fiberglass insulation.

As is often part of the solution on our boats, I called Catalina Direct after viewing their site and figuring out what parts I would need to replace the riser.

Their standard item is not exactly the same size as the one in our boat, not surprising, much of the equipment on the early models of Catalina 34's seems to have been custom made to fit the boat.

 This is the Riser removed. Pretty sorry state, It might not be the original, but it appears to have been repaired at some point. The black parts of the tubing are severely corroded and the insulation has almost fossilized to the point it's impossible to get off without grinding.

This is the New Riser, it has the advantage of modern fabrication and electro polishing stainless steel. It should easily last the next 10 years.

It came with a high tech manufactured insulation jacket for both the main part and the  6" nipple on the left.

Installing it should be pretty simple except that it's 1.5" longer (from left to right in the pic) than the original. So I'll either have to move the Muffler to port by an inch or so, or twist the horizontal tube to less than 90 Degrees, we'll see how that goes at the time of installation.

So, the new Riser, Insulation Jackets, and new Raw Water hoses should be done next week, but there's another urgent task to take care off.

When we were looking for leaks, we noted the Engine did not start as easily as it has in the past and the indications were that we have a fault in the wiring.
Digging into the engine control panel and the wiring harness to the engine, I found that there were so many 'repairs' or 'updates' that it was both difficult to find a single point of failure and to effect a viable repair. So it looks like a new Engine harness is in our very near future.

As the Riser and Heat exchanger are out of the boat right now, it seems sensible to tackle the Electrical harness upgrade now, their absence makes for easier access to the engine electrics.

Moving on.

See you on the water, but it may be a week away!

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