Saturday, July 23, 2016

Don't get me started Part II

Part II - Demolition

This reads a bit like one of those home shows on TV - It's Demo Day.

My neighbor volunteered to help out on the boat today if for no other reason than to get out of the house. We headed down to the boat with a Demo List.
  • Remove the Engine Control Panel & take it home for repair
  • Disconnect the existing harness that is behind the Control Panel
  • Disconnect and remove the Alternator in order to gain access to the Starter & Solenoid
  • Disconnect and remove the Solenoid & Starter
  • Disconnect the existing electrical harness from the Engine
  • Disconnect and remove the Defunct Electrical wires from the Starboard side Helm Instrument Pod & remove the Pod.
  • Extract the defunct wiring from the Pedestal into the Aft Berth.
  • Extract the wiring from the Control Panel all the way down to the engine.
We got all of that done, it took two trips to the boat and we had to do a couple of extra steps which included removing the Control Panel housing as we could not reach the tie points of the electrical cables where they passed from the housing into the Aft Berth. The other item was to extract the defunct cables that were left over from previous work when I removed the defective GPS at the helm.

Now some pics which pretty well show why I need to do all of this.
Back of the Engine Control Panel
The Port side Instruments (Speed & Wind - Defective Transducers)

Engine end of the Control harness
Alternator Bracket (Alternator removed)

Starboard Side Pod removed (nice place for a cup holder)
Engine Control Panel Housing removed
Need to repair the Engine Control Panel housing
Cracked screw points (top forward corner)
Engine Stop handle location
Had to use the Dremel to cut it out.
This looks like an original 'mod' as the control panel housing is a 3/4" too far aft, so the housing had been cut in the corner in order for the housing to fit.

That's steps 1 & 2 done and much of Step 3. Tomorrow I'll do some clean up and start on the panel repair and repair the housing.

Getting there.

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