Monday, January 18, 2016

Took a Dive

Was headed down to the boat this afternoon. Stopped by SuperSail makers to pick up  the Sail bags that came with our order for new Sails on Eximius. Had a chance to talk with Owen and about his trip this past weekend in the Key West Race. Like a couple of my friends, he was part of the race and got wet, cold and sleepless, but like all sailor's would not have missed the opportunity.

Chatting to Owen, I mentioned how pleased I was with our new sails when we went out on New Years Day. The boat behaved so well even when reefed. I'm still smiling just thinking about how well that sail went.

Then, after picking up the sail bags, I headed down to the boat. Plan was to put the newly repaired dodger back in place and take the side panels home for a 2nd round of cleaning/repairing. I used our West Marine boat cart to carry the canvas, some gear for the boat and my wallet and tablet down to the boat.

As I boarded the boat, the bottom of the cart fell out! Everything in the cart dropped down impeding my step onto the boat. I tripped and fell backwards towards the stern and then ... oh no! Big Splash as I fell into the canal water between the boat and the dock! Arggggh!

Quickly reaching for the surface I saw the cart contents starting to sink! That included the new Sail Bags, the Dodger, my Tablet, Wallet, Baggy of sail repair kit all ready to hide in the murky water next to the dock.

I picked up the pieces and tossed them onto the dock that was a couple of feet over my head. The bags had already started to float under the dock and head downstream in the Canal. My phone in my pocket and my car keys too! This is not going well!

Now that I had as much as possible up on the dock, it was time to try and get myself out too. No way could I just pull myself up, so I grabbed hold of the toe rail on the boat and put my feet on the spring line from one of the dock poles to the aft cleat on the boat. Then walking my way aft on the line, trying to prevent the boat moving closer to the dock and thus crushing me, I was able to get myself out of the water and struggle up onto the dock.


I quickly opened my tablet case and put the tablet up onto the high and dry. Grabbed the boat hook and reached down to the downstream side of the dock to catch the barely floating new sail bags.
Reached down between the boat and the dock to try and recover the remains of the dock cart, but no luck.


Drenched, I went back to the truck in the driveway and got the boat keys, then, leaving tell tale wet footprints, I headed back to the boat.

Once on board, I took off my two layers of shirts and grabbed a towel to dry off a bit and prevent any issues from the cold (that's Florida Cold) water.  I keep a sweater onboard in the V-Berth hanging locker, so that kept me warm.

Having taken care of the immediate issues, I put the wet towel and shirts into a crate we kept on board and carried them ashore. Locked up the cabin and put everything in the truck to head home.

Stopped by T-Mobile on the way home as my phone had quit. So there I am sopping wet, leaving puddles on the showroom floor and explaining to the manager that I had fallen into the water with my phone in my pocket but I have insurance. He suggested that I remove the battery. Did that and the phone booted up ok. 'WATERPROOF' at least to the depth that I took it. So seems like I'm lucky and don't need to spend a $99 to replace the phone. Just as well, it's only 9 months old (on a 2 year plan).

Home, took a shower and fresh clothes, and time to rinse down all of the canvas, and put my clothes in the washer.

I guess you could say today was a wash!

See you on the Water (and not in it unless deliberate. )

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