Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chicken or Wise?

The Sea demands attention, if we ignore her, we do so at our peril.

Plan was to head down to the Lake (Sylvia) today and meet with a bunch of HISC members to celebrate a Birthday (Happy Buffday Dale!) - But a front came down our way and everyone chickened out, or were they Wise?

I vote for the Wise designation! It's only a lake, and for most of us, about an hour on the boat to get there, but... Wind is already in the high 20's and expected to rise gusting to 40! It might be bright and sunny outside, but the wind chill is ... well ... chilling! Water temp is probably pretty low (by South Florida Standards) so the boat would be CoooooL!

So I think we all made the wise decision to postpone till another day.

Time to head over the the Marine Flea Market that is in Pompano this weekend!

See you there, or See you on the Water.


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