Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Genny Power

Putting things together for our trip to Biscayne Bay next week, I wanted to make a cable to connect our Honda Generator to the boats AC power service.

Recently I had upgraded our shore power cable to a Smart Plug, this gives us greater reliability in the boat's shore power system, much less prone to unplugging and reduces the risk of fire due to the old style power connector.

The Honda has both the traditional 3 prong 15Amp 110v receptacle and the twist lock 30Amp connector similar to most Marina Boat Docks. So I decided to use th 30Amp connector on the Generator and connect that directly to the boat's shore power connector.
Of course, the Genny max rating is 2KW =~ 18Amps, but I prefer the twist lock all the same. I have to make an Adapter cable to go from the 30Amp twist lock to a 15Amp recepticle just in case we ever come across a dock that does not have the 30Amp shore power. I just dislike having Adapters, IMHO they are not a good thing to have in an outdoor supply line.

9' 30Amp power cord

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