Thursday, June 16, 2022

Victron System Install - making progress

Victron System Install - Making progress

Braving another hot day down at the boat, I made a lot of progress.

It was sweltering today! Even with the portable cabin fan running full throttle, it was only just bearable, the fan was basically blowing hot air.

On the up side a couple of successes. Completed the wiring of the Multiplus to the new Disconnect Box, mounted the Disconnect box to the bulkhead and tidied all of the wire - cable management - so the work area looks much better.  Also completed the wiring from the Multiplus to the Electrical Distribution Panel, that was fun, especially the ground connection that is to a terminal block just beyond arms length when leaning over the Nav Table. but I got it done.

Made a call to eMarine about connecting the Cerbo GX and the GX 4G LTE modem directly to the spare + & - studs inside the Multiplus, they confirmed it was not only OK but quite a few installers have done that as the Cerbo GX is often placed pretty close to the Multiplus.  I also asked about the provision of suitable wire for the grounding of the Multiplus, they have it and I'm picking it up in the morning.

So after a very busy morning, here's the list of wiring to be done tomorrow.

  • Install new Ground Wire from the Stud on the underside of the Multiplus to the Grounding Terminal Block in the engine bay.  This will involve using a wire fish/snake to reach from inside the Bathroom cabinet up to the electrical panel area where I drilled a new access hole. The wire will be #2AWG
  • Install new Trickle charging cable from the Multiplus to the Start Battery  - the old cable was the wrong AWG and it was also household wiring! The new wire will be #10AWG Red Stranded tinned copper wire.
  • Install the new Reverse polarity lamp test switch in the Disconnect bod. I found out today that the old Reverse Polarity lamp test switch was incorrectly wired and it only provided power to the lamp when the switch was depressed, when not depressed, the lamp was not provided any power so it would never light! Grrrrr.
  • Connect the Temperature sensor to the House Battery bank
  • Connect the Smart shunt power supply wire to the House Battery bank
  • Connect the Main House Battery wire to the battery bank
At that time the boat's electrical system should be alive and happy  - I'm deliberately not saying 'humming or 'kicking' for obvious reasons.

The last part of the install - not counting the update of the system firmware and the activation of the GX 4G LTE Modem and it's connection to the internet, will be the configuration of the system. That's when the fun starts. I'm looking forward to determining the State of Charge of the Batteries, monitoring the power input from the solar system and the, long overdue, equalization of the House Battery Bank.

But I'm not reaching to far to soon. I'm guessing the last part of the puzzle will not arrive until Monday - the new T-Mobile Sim Card. 

Ok, working on the list tomorrow - Friday then I'm taking a day off on Saturday - actually going sailing on my buddy's Catamaran - Lady Gray.

See you on the water.

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