Saturday, January 29, 2022

Saving Zippers - Thanks Peggy


The Zippers on both sides of the Cradle Cover mast wrap were jammed and the Zip pulls would not move up or down and keep the zipper closed! Grrr. Looked like I would need to remove the Cradle Cover (not a simple task) and replace the zips. I have the gear to do that, even have spare zips.

The old zippers are PK #10. I use YKK, I tried to use a YKK #10 Zip pull to replace the PK Zip Pulls but still could not close the zippers. I was ready to start removing the Main Sail and the Cradle Cover when Peggy suggested that we could replace the PK Zip pulls.

Peggy scored an 11 !! I purchased two Stainless Steel PK #10 Zip Pulls online.

When they arrived, I tested one, using it to zip the two sides of  the front panel together, WooHoo! Worked beautifully.

Back at the boat it took about 10 minutes to replace the two old PK zip pulls with the new Stainless Steel items. Another 5 minutes and I had installed Zipper stoppers on the ends of all four zip sides (two each side) 

Thanks Peggy! I was convinced that the zippers were damaged from 5 years of UV exposure, but your idea worked great. 

Gotta love a great boat partner 😍

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