Saturday, January 1, 2022

2021 New year's eve Cruise 12/31

Friday - 12/31st
A great night's sleep, bodes well for the end of 2021.
We slept in but got up long after Sunrise and I got busy making Coffee before breakfast.  Today's fare was Sliced Ham Steak, Fried Eggs, big Ohio Tomatoes and whole wheat skillet toast. Brie for Peggy's Toast,  Spread, peanut butter and blueberry preserve and, of course,  some hot Coffee. 

Another beautiful day in South Florida, clear skies, temp in the 80`s surrounded by boats, suitably anchored. 

Phone calls started to come in notifying of club members on their way to the Bay. Soon the bay was getting crowded.  Overnight were Spruce Goose next to us, O'Hara and Affection. During the day Hullabaloo, Endurance,  Diversion, Commotion, Pegasus,  Swan Song, Sea View and a guest of Commotion. A good turnout for an end of year cruise that is still hampered by the continuing Covid 19 Pandemic. 

Mike and I took our dinghy out to visit with each of the boats that arrived before 3:30pm, we were chatting to Tom and Norma on O'Hara when Commotion turned into the Bay and that caused a bit of a Commotion as they were going to raft up with us, Eximius &Spruce Goose and we were not aboard for Commotion's arrival! Ross was at the helm of Commtion, Mike & I cast off from O'Hara and zipped around the front of Commotion to the back of Eximius.We quickly got over to the Stbd side of Spruce Goose just in time to accept the lines that Astrid had ready on Commotion.  10 minutes and we had our three boats secured.  Not long after, Ross' buddy arrived in his trawler and thar was quickly secured. 

About twenty minutes later,  Mike and I dinked the Trawler's anchor and rode to about 100 ft ahead of it's bow. Now we had two anchors holding our 4 boats and the known good holding as well as the good weather forecast overnight should mean another good night's sleep. 


There were several boats open for Sundowners, just about everyone is ready to socialize after this year.

It's now 21:30, we can hear fireworks from most directions, not many, but I'm sure that will not last. We're planning on making some noise at midnight. Unusually, it's not gust to welcome in the new year, new resolutions and aspirations,  but to say a loud and very clear Goodbye to 2021. Here's to doing our best to make 2022 a better year.

Wow! I actually stayed up till next year. 

OK, time to turn in without waking Peggy.
Thanks Ross, Astrid, Mike, Scotty and Gladys for the champagne and upbeat wishes for the new year. 
Let's all work on making 2022 better.

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  1. Sad that we didn't have a dinghy to join everybody on shore on Sunday


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