Saturday, April 24, 2021

Under Sink Illuminatrion

Installing lighting under the bathroom sink

The cabinet under the bathroom sink has a lot of 'stuff' in it. 
  1. Thru Hulls (3)
  2. Fuel Filter and Water separator
  3. DST 810 Transducer (Depth, Speed and Water Temperatur)
  4. Electric Fuel Pump
I remove the Transducer when we are tied up to the dock to prevent sealife growth clogging up the speed paddle on the transducer. It only takes a few seconds, but being able to see what I'm doing is a big help.

If the Engine Raw Water Thru hull gets clogged with marine debris and needs to be roto-rooted, I close the Thru Hull, remove the hose, poke a short piece of drain snake down as far as the Thru hull, close of the gap with my hand and then open the Thru Hull in order to push the snake all the way down and out, thus clearing the blockage.

If the Engine Fuel Filter has any water in it, we have to drain that filter, it's easy, but easier if we can see what we're doing

All in all, having some illumination under the sink means I don't need Peggy to be standing over me with  a Flashlight.

Ok, here's the result:

This looks pretty bright, but that's because there is nobody in front of the doorway.

The Switch is in the upper left of this photo.

On the left can be seen the Electric Fuel Pump, below that (and slightly aft) is the Fuel Filter and Water Separator, below that is the Inline Raw Water Filter.

Aft of the Raw Water filter is the Engine Muffler box.
On the right is the Exhaust pipe (Black) which goes all the way aft to the Transom.

To the right of the Exhaust pipe is the Sink Drain hose.

That little black knob that can be seen next to the door opening (to the right of the Sink Drain) is the 2nd Manual Bilge Pump handle.

Ok, and with the new light on:

Literally, Night and Day difference.

The LED lamp is glued to the inside upper edge of the cabinet door opening.

The power is via a double tinned copper wire that runs from the switch, up to the underside of the sink counter, then over to the Port side loomed with some other wires. Then it passes behind the Shower Seat Cabinet, into the Cabinet behind the head, on through the main head bulkhead into the Cabinet (used to be a hanging locker but now has shelves) then up and into the area behind the electrical panel.

The +ve is connected to the Circuit breaker protected 12v terminal block and the -ve is attached to a 12v -ve terminal block. Both of those will be replaced when we do the electrical panel upgrade.

So and easy job, and very worthwhile. I'll probably install this type of 12LED Strip light in the other cabinets as we get to them.

See you on the water.


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