Thursday, April 15, 2021

Fresh Water Plumbing - Shut off valve

Shut off valve for the Fresh Water Plumbing System


This is the modified Plumbing system that I did in April 2020, this past weekend I found a defect in the design.

After purchasing new water filters (set of 3) for a change out before our trip this past weekend, it only took a few minutes to remove the 3 filters. To do so, the whole house filter is accessed by removing the center draw from the galley undercounter and then the two filters for the drinking water system.

Then the phone rang and I needed to answer it. My buddy was calling to ask about our meet up later that day. It took a few minutes to deal with the call but I could hear water running, I figured that there was a small amount of water syphoning out of the whole house filter housing. After the call and as I prepared to put the new filter in place, I realized that the 'small amount' had filled the bilge to the point where the bilge pump was about to run!! The 3 way valve does not work, it does allow selection of either the Mid or Aft tanks, but it does not stop the flow in it's third position.

During those few minutes, the aft tank and mid tank drained about 15gallons! 

Solution is to add a shut off valve between the selector and the whole house filter.

Pex Shut-off Valve installed on the pipe
from the Tank Selector to the House Filter
Shown in the Shut position.

This project took 4 hours 10 minutes.
3 hours to find the pex tools - Duh, in the Garage in a box marked 'PEX'
1/2 Hour to drive down to the boat
10 Minutes to remove the Galley Drawers, Cut the pipe, Install the Shut off valve, Test it, Reinstall the Galley Drawers.
1/2 Hour drive home.

The dribble of water on the pipe below the shut-off valve is just from the filter when I cut the pipe. We had drained the tanks earlier this week, part of our water health routine.

We filled both water tanks, no leaks. 

It's easy to reach the shut-off valve when I need to remove the water system filters. Life is good.

See you on the water, we're heading up to Lake Boca on Friday, back on Monday.

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