Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Fixing our Electrical System (Part iv)

KUDOS to Blue Sea Systems 

Update on the Reverse Polarity Indication System.

I had contacted Blue Sea product tech support, asking if their LED panel lamps needed to have a resistor included inline.
Blue Seas 110v AC LED

Here's what I asked:-
Tech support query concerning PN 8034

Does this item require an inline resistor?

Just purchased two of these for use in my 110v electrical panel in my sailboat.

Do I need to include a resistor in series with these lamps?

They will be used #1 to show that the AC power is switched on
#2 to indicate if the shore power is reverse polarity.




They replied within less than 24 hours even though my question was asked on a Sunday. I probably would still be waiting if the manufacturer had been outside of the USA.

Here's their reply:-

Thank you for the question.


The 8034, and all of the LEDs that we sell, come with the appropriate resistor for the specified voltage in the 6” leads.  For the 8034 you’ll see a section of heat shrink in the white lead, that is the resistor.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


Best regards,


Avery Stiles

Mechanical Engineer

ABYC Certified Marine Electrician



Blue Sea Systems

4600 Ryzex Way

Bellingham, WA  98226


Main Line 360.738.8230

Toll Free 800.222.7617


Following up on that question. Blue Sea confirmed that the resistance inline with the 110v LED lamp is 33KΩ.

Further reading, I found the clearest advice in Don Casey's 'Sailboat Electrics Simplified' 1999.

From that, I figured that the following diagram is correct.

110v AC and Reverse Polarity System

Finally, I'm close to completing the system layout. So the next step is to get to work doing the upgrade.

One of my objectives is to prevent electric shorts or electrocution because of the open nature of the AC circuit breakers. The concept that looks like it will work is a sheet of acrylic that is formed to cover the AC Circuit breakers which would prevent a tool accidently shorting the connections or shorting me to 110v. But that's the final part of this puzzle.

Still looking for a decent weather window so that we can take the boat out.

See you on the Water!


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