Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Mathew

We only have to worry about the boat and house

Mathew devastating Haiti
So far, like most Florida residents, Mathew is just an inconvenience, but our neighbors in the Bahamas, Cuba, especially Haiti it's far worse. 

I'm only posting this as a record, the last one that hit us was Wilma, Fence and Pool Screen damage here, our Neighbor's home lost it's Roof. Mathew should be a glancing blow here. 

I spent 5 hours on the boat yesterday removing her sails, canvas, dinghy, adding extra lines and fenders. She has 8 extra long lines that should allow her to survive a 4' tidal surge although the forecast is for just 1' in Broward County inland (she's about 1/4 mile from I-95). Then a couple of hours putting up the shutters at home (thanks go to my neighbor John for helping out). This morning we'll be loading the garage with the patio - tables, chairs, -BQ, etc.

At least we have a Garage! That's a whole lot more than most Haitians!

Sails Bagged


Fenders and Midships Spring Line

4 lines on stern

Cabin is sealed
Lines are secure

With the boat sealed up, I'm sure she'll stay dry, and the longer dock lines and fenders should prevent damage from the dock. Good news is that the new Solar Vents are working great!

Guess what I'm planning on doing on Saturday! - Yep! putting her all back together!

See you on the Water!


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