Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nav station due for an update

The old VHF, Stereo, DVD player mounted on the aft partition of the Nav Station has legacy holes all over.
Over the past 28 years, a variety of electronics have been mounted and removed and we have added to that.

I removed the DVD player, we'll be getting a 12v Flat Screen TV with built in DVD player later. Our new VHF cutout is a different template to the previous one that I removed weeks ago.

So I need to replace the forward facing and the side partitions.

Behind those partitions are a myriad of electrical wires: Power to the nav station electronics, Antenna cables, speaker cable, legacy SSB receiver cables, and some cable that go nowhere and do nothing. I hope to be able to neaten up all of the electrical wiring in that area, install the new VHF into the partition at the back of the Nav Table, also the new Stereo, and add a 3rd speaker for the stereo.

First step in replacing them was to measure for the new aft partition.

Next the side partition.

Both of these are custom to Eximius, not sure when they were originally installed, but there was obviously something mounted below the shelf in the side partition.

While at it this weekend, I installed a VHF / AM/FM antenna splitter. Basically reducing the amount of wire beneath the shelf. Again, years of additions/removals have left a hodgepodge of wiring, so I'm cleaning up all of the connections during the reconstruction.


That went well! It took less than 15 minutes to put the new partitions in place and to secure the Stereo and the VHF, including the Mic holder. Looks good. The pic I took on the boat over the weekend was at night and, it sucks, so I'll take another this evening. The stereo has a remote and a connection to our phones & tablet. Very cool playing our tunes.

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