Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Caps Off

We know the boat is 28 years old, and have no intention of spending a fortune trying to restore it to original condition. Being able to sail the boat and enjoy letting her take us to new places is where we should be spending our boat bucks.

Eximius has two water fill points, One diesel fuel fill point and One Waste Pump out point, all on the deck. In preparation for taking her for a pump out after our trip from Stuart to Fort Lauderdale, I tried to open the Waste Pump out cover, was not going to happen! As I tried to turn the cap, it started to break apart, almost as if it were sealed in place.  The other caps are degrading after years in the Florida Sun. So, time to replace them. While at it, I'm going to replace the Engine Control Panel Cover as it's so opaque that it's almost impossible to read the gauges behind the plastic cover.

Here's what I got for my boat bucks today.

Black cover - Waste pump out, they could have made it brown ;)

Blue covers - Water fill points

Red Cover - Fuel fill.

Clear plastic engine control panel cover.

So, how did it go? Good, but not great!

The fuel cover would just not fit. Not sure if the existing cover is original or not, but it'll have to stay for now.
The water fill covers fit great.
The Waste pump out cover will probably fit, but the old one is glued in place! Dang, it's broken in several pieces, but firmly glued. So I'll have to take a chisel with me to forcefully remove it. You know it's going to be odoriferous! Yuk.

Sadly, the plastic engine control panel did not fit either, so I have to return that and the fuel filler cap. Looks like a trip to Lowe's and purchase a piece of plastic that I can cut to match the old piece. Just another job.

Hope to get the cover done over the weekend.

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