Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Storage Area Restraints

Restraining the Storage boxes beneath the cabin seats.

The previous owner raised the cabin seating around the table, that created a huge amount of storage. However, the when we're out on the water, all of the boxes that are stored beneath the raised seats come flying out when we heel during heavy weather. My solution: Add two levels of webbing between the seat supports and just buckle them up before heading out. Quick and easy to release them in order to gain access to the boxes which can barely move when strapped in.  We're going to refer to them as Seatbelts! 

I purchased the belts from Amazon, it was cheaper than making them myself from my webbing supplies. 

The picture shows Orange Straps, but the set I purchased were all black 1" wide & 60" long.

All I needed to do was cut them into two pieces and put loops on the cut ends. Then mount Footman Straps to the ends. Wrap the webbing end around the inner leg supports and thread the long end through those loops. All done. The buckles are positioned so that they are easily reached without having to climb under the table. 

I can see a lot more Seatbelts in our future. :)

The Noodles fit nicely :) Peggy was illuminating the area with a flashlight, otherwise it's pretty dark down there. 

This pic shows the storage area lit from above. I can see some LED strip lights under the high level seats in the near future.  With the two levels of strapping, I can store two boxes on on top of the other and neither will slide out when heeled.

This has not only worked out great for securing for Sea, but it also encourages being a bit more tidy.
As we don't have to worry about gear falling out in a seaway, all of the boxes ( mostly tools & spares ) are no longer in the Aft berth - we were actually able to have Crew stay overnight during the Palm Beach Regatta.

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