Friday, April 8, 2022

Our Battery Charger Failed - Part III

 Our Battery Charger Failed - Part III

We have all of the Bits!

The last part of our system's new equipment arrived at e-marine in Fort Lauderdale and we picked it up today.

Say hello to our new Victron GX Touch 50 Display Unit.

It connects to the Cerbo GX HDMI output and the Cerbo GX USB outlet.

It can be surface mounted with or without the black frame.

That cute little black thingy is the Release tool required to remove the Display panel from the Frame.

Better not lose that thingy.

With all of the equipment, it's time to start on the project. I'm going to proceed with the plan working on the boat one day and working to pay for it all the next. So it should be done in 20 days.

Next available day is Monday, April 11th 2022.

Peggy is up to taking videos of the project, I'll still keep the blog articles going, covering each step as outlined in the Plan, but Peggy is going to see how much we can capture on video. Should be fun.

If you have any questions about my choices of equipment, the removal of the old and the installation, setup and testing of the new, please post them in the comments. 

Oh, late update.
It occurred to me that we may not see the back of the GX Touch 50 for quite a while.

So, here it is.

Those 4 threaded screw holes in the back are for mounting if not using the mounting plate. The device came with 4 threaded rods with wing nuts.
Alternatively, the frame can be screwed to the surface and the display clips into the frame. (That's what we will be doing) 

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