Monday, December 23, 2019

Updating the Dodger - Front Window Panel - Wrong

I screwed up the Front Window

When I made the template, it consisted of three parts: The Top and the Front Window, and the two sides. I made the Top and the Brow (the strips that extend from the Top to the forward lower edge of the Front Window and I made the Front Window from that same template. But, somehow, I screwed it up. The Front window had more buckles in it than Blackbeard's Belt. At least it seemed to fit and I was able to attach it to the Top and Brow with the zips and I made marks on the strataglass where it needed trimming. 

It only took about two hours to trim the window and resow the edges along the top and sides and to make an extension for the front lower edge that snaps to the cabin top.. Back down to the boat for a 2nd fitting. Wow! It's worse! Back to the drawing board.

I made a new template using some more Dura Skim, with basting tape and painters tape on the canvas sides around the window and along the cabin top. 

Back home, I laid the new template over the 1st attempt at the front window. Wow again! The new template is about 2" wider than the original. That means that I cannot use the piece of Stataglass for the window, it's too narrow - Grrrrrr! But luckily, I had ordered 3 sheets of Strataglass thinking that I would need one for each side window, however, I was able to make the two side windows out of a single sheet. I had hoped that I could return the 3rd sheet, but now it turns out to be a good thing that I had it.

I sewed the zips to the new template and took it back to the boat, seems to fit a whole lot better but needs some tweaking. The corners need to be adjusted.  I made the adjustment with a sharpie marker on the template material, and I did not have total confidence that the template was as good as it could be, I also unstitched the zippers and attached them with a 2nd layer of basting tape. Back to the boat - I feel that it's better to repeat the fitting rather than blow another $220 on a 4th sheet of Strataglass.

Now, with the template marked up and the zippers attached with basting tape, back to the boat again. This time it's looking a lot better, not perfect, but a lot better. The big challenge is to keep tension at the lower edge of the window panel while checking the position of the zippers against those that are already sewn to the Brow. This is where I had a brainwave. I tried to use a snap to hold the template
temporary Snap-rite socket being used to
hold the template against the ridge on the Cabin top
in position against the studs that are in the ridge of the cabin top, this is where the front lower edge of the window will finally be attached to the cabin top. Using just the Socket part of the snap, I was able to push it over the template material and onto the snap bases afixed to the cabin top. Awesome!

With the lower edge neatly fixed in place, albeit temporarily, I was able to mark up the top edge and corners of the window template, the sides were ok.

Back home again, my car knows the way to the boat too well.

And that brings me to tonight.

It's the night before Christmas eve. We're taking the boat out on Monday, December 30th to Lake Boca where we'll celebrate New Years with out sailing club. And the window has to be done before then. So, tonight I'm sewing the zippers on the adjusted template and hope to take it down to the boat in the morning. Sure hope it fits just right this time. Assuming it does, I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get it finished. No pressure!

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