Friday, July 26, 2019

Keeping our boat's Log in the Dark

Sailboat Log Keeping at Night.

I posted a few months ago about the new Ships Log that I created using Google Sheets, here's a link to the first of those two posts.

We've been using the Log Book for nearly six months now and have used it on several night sailings. It has worked out really well.

When keeping the Log at night, the biggest issue is being able to see the pages and write in the dark. The GPS screen and the other instruments at the helm are dimmed almost to minimum in order to protect our night vision, so using a Flash Light to illuminate the pages of the log is not an option.

I found these on Amazon and they are incredible.

The light is plenty bright enough to be able to see the Log Book Pages and the Red Light does not harm my night vision.

I routinely switch through the clicks of the pen to get to the Red Light, and when switching it off, I switch through 3 times to get to the 2nd Off setting which means one click and the light is on.

There was a concern that the Batteries might not last long enough, but we have used the Pen nearly every night during a 3 week sailing trip to keep the Log Book and to write up my blog notes (while Peggy is taking a nap). The batteries are not showing any signs of needing replacement yet. The Set of 3 came with 6 refills and 3 sets of spare batteries. The package is a ziplock type bag, so the spares stay nice and dry as well as all in one place, which is normally a problem for me, I'm not the tidiest sailor on the ocean.

Here's a link to the pen set on Amazon - Yes, I earn an amazon commission on sales from my blog, but hey, it helps me do all of these projects. 

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