Thursday, February 22, 2018


Trying to be a little poetic.

In our little ship, in the darkness of our cabin, we lay quietly, hearing the gentle ripple of the surrounding waters bubble past the still bow. They gurgle a short while later as they pass the, not so far away, stern.

Occasionally, gently clanging rope lines running down the mast disturb for but fleeting moment, no need to go up top and quiet them, their elusive skill at being quiet when observed is almost magical.

Warm beneath our hugging covers, we sleep, toss, turn, dream, as our ship wallows, mostly smoothly through the night, but not without a reminder that we are guests on the water as a more energetic wave passes by. 

But, we sleep, as sailors do, drifting off to dreams of further ports, and meeting with other cheerful souls in other waters.

We sail, but we do not sail to escape, nor to get away. We sail to relax between the stresses of life, to share time with the World wherever we are.

It's not always easy, things happen at sea as they do in port. Good things, Bad things, a sailor has to deal with both every day, in every port, in every sea.

We're sailors, we offer our friendship, our knowledge, and always ready to hear a good tale of others about their sailing adventures, wherever they are, or whenever they were.

We'll see you on the water.

Paul Alcock
February 22nd 2018

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