Monday, December 25, 2017

A Christmas Tale

Sailors Lore 

Grab a jug o rum lads, be quiet and let me tell e a tale anded down years ago as best I recall.

They say that you're never alone at sea, it don't matter ow big your ship, it don't matter how big the sea, it don't matter ow long you've been away from ome, you're never alone.

Av you ever gone for'ard on the deck when the wind as been blowing ard an you av to old tight just to keep your feet on the deck an you felt that feeling you aint alone? Well you isn't! Es watching you! Hey, Cook! when you're below cooking up a feast, yea, I know, a feast at sea might not be fancy like at ome, but you know when you're tryin to make it so. Well, Es watching, E knows when you put that bit o extra spice or when you splash in a dram of rum. You're not alone!

Ever bin up the stick an out on the yard? One and for the boat and One and for yourself right! When you're up there with the ship tossing abawt, working at pulling in that reef, it's a might scary if you want to feel that way, it's a might exciting too. Not many folks ashore could do that, they don't know what it takes to keep a ship under way, but E does! and E's watching, E knows!

Naw, you dogs that have been aboard more than one deck know that not every skipper is the same, they all ave their quirks. Some shout, others whisper, but they're not alone either, Naw, they're not alone, even though they ave no one looking over them cept those that are ashore and looking for the ship's return to port, with all the crew, an the skipper knows that all you dogs av someone. But the skipper is not alone, naw! E's keeping an eye on im too, E knows when the skipper shouts, when e curses, and when e gives the nod cause you did good up forward, when the food is like a feast an when you step dan from the yard an get your feet back on deck. You all know ow good that nod feels. Well, the skipper knows e's not alone, e knows that someone watching im!

If you're aboard any ship, no matter if it be alongside tied up and nearly empty cus the crew are ashore, no matter if she's swinging at anchor and you're on watch trying to keep warm an everyone else is below under the lamps while you're big eyed under the stars. And it don't matter if you're working the ship in heavy seas an everyone else is busy. No matter where on the ship, no matter the time o day or the spot on the sea, E's watching! E knows if you're doin good, E knows if you're slacking.

Ow do I know this? Well lads, I know! I've spent more n a few Chistmas' away from ome, not all of em, but a good few, an each year around this time, E let's you know that E's been watching. It might be a bit more or a bit less grog, it might be a bit warmer or cooler, it might be a bit extra strength when you're pulling that line, it might be grin from the skipper when things are a bit heavy.

You can thank im! Cus E's been watchin, E knows when you did good, E knows when you didn't.

Who is E?

E's Santa Cruise

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