Friday, October 27, 2017

Just Clean the Windows

Grotty Windows

The windows (they don't open) by the Galley & Aft Berth (Stbd Side) and above the Nav Table and the Head (Port Side) are really grotty. I have cleaned them several times and we routinely rinse them down while rinsing the Deck. We cannot see out of them and they are normally covered with blue snap on curtains.
Stbd Side Galley Window - Before
I took this pic of the Stbd side Galley window with the curtain removed.

Stbd Side Galley Window - After
Here's the same side but the forward of the two windows after cleaning.

I used my Makita Buffer & Finesse It II polishing compound.

Initially just applied the polish to the buffer pad and wiped it over the outside window surface. Then progressively ramped up the buffer speed to #4. Finally just wiped it down with a micro fiber cloth to remove any spot spray.

Stbd Side Cabin Windows - After
Outside view of the Stbd side windows after polishing.

There are a few craze cracks in them both, so they'll have to be replaced soon, at that time I'll make a set of window covers to keep the Sun off of them. Probably use snap fasteners that are secured in place where the existing window screws.

Very pleased with the results.

See you on the Water (no pun intended 😏)

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