Thursday, August 24, 2017

Time for the Kitchen Sink

I Know! It's a 'Galley' Sink

But that doesn't affect the fact that it frequently gets blocked and drips yuk onto the Cutlery tray in the draw beneath the dual sinks! So it's time to fix it.

The original drain fittings & hose. All gone :)
The problem was simple, the hose was 30 years old and had a lot of gunk in it AND the fitting beneath the sink was broken. I found that out when I tried to undo it in order to clean it out, it fell apart into 3 pieces as soon as I touched it, not even trying to unscrew it.

The drain hose, 1", also had some legacy hoses attached to it, another source of blockage. The C34 forum guys identified that extra hose as being the original fridge drain hose which has long been blocked off. I did not include that when replacing the drain hose. So now there's a nice clean run for the hose to the thru-hull.

The new unit's diameter is about 1/16" bigger than the original, but it's much better designed with a better slope 95° of the outlet.

That meant that I had to use my trusty Dremel to grind away at the sink drain hole. It only took about 5 minutes work to get it to fit in each sink. Of course, this was on a day when the AC refused to run and I did not intend to be there long enough to worry about fixing that. So I was drenched by the time it was all put back together.

Total cost was $65 for the two new drain fittings, and $25 for the new 1" hose and a tub of plumbers putty that should last me a lifetime.

We drove home and I took a long shower and drank plenty of water.

Another upgrade.

See you on the Water.


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