Thursday, November 3, 2016

Making Fending Off soft and cuddly

My 1st Real Sewing Project

All my sewing projects for Eximius so far have been repairs rather than New Stuff. Ok, so the blanket tubes to protect the new Dodger Side Panel windows from damage by the Sun heating up the Stainless Steel dodger frame was a real project, but, seriously, it was just cut to size and stitch a piece of velcro along one side.

We purchased 2 new fenders just 17 months ago, it surprising how quickly they stop looking new! And my Sailrite Sewing Machine has been yearning to to actually make something, so I made my first Fender Cover, inspired partly by Pam from Sjofn after Dave and Pam showed their new Fender covers made to match the boat colors.

Here's what the fender looks like in the nude.

And here's hot it looks dressed up in it's new Fender Cover.

It's a simple project, but after yet another restitch job on our Dodger today, I felt confident that I could actually sew in a straight line and have good stitch form on both sides.

I copied the concept that is on the website. Used a piece of the carpet fabric left over from the dodger frame cover job and some odds of the Hook side of Hook & Loop.

They sure look fine! But best of all, I'll not worry about our fenders being a concern for any boat that we raft up with. The whole job probably took 40 minutes, the second one should be less as I have the measuring done.

Now I just have to get the Red Felt Tip Pen ink off of my fingers!

See you on the water.


#2 - We have Twins!

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