Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our First Regatta - Planning

Hospice Regatta 2016

This will be our first Regatta on Eximius, it's a fund raiser for Hospice. My neighbor's husband died from Cancer a few years ago, great family guy, hard worker, didn't get to enjoy much of his retirement. Hospice provided care for him when the time came. His wife has been a friend of our family for as long as I have lived here, nearly 30 years, and she commented that she only had good things to say about the care that Hospice provided.

We sailed in the Hospice Regatta last year on a friends boat. I was really surprised how many folks supported Hospice, but glad they are and that they enjoyed supporting a great organization.

So far we have only raised just over $100, so I'm reaching out to my readers and asking if they would consider a donation no matter how small. I have setup an account directly that friends can donate online at everydayhero.

Thanks for following our Blog, we're coming up to the anniversary of owning Eximius on the Day of the Regatta, so it's kinda fitting that we do something special (Eximius is Latin for Special) that day.

We'll post lots of pics of trip.

See you on the Water.


Thank you!

Bob, thank you for helping support Hospice, looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday.

Pam, thank you! I really appreciate your donation to Hospice.

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