Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Getting some Wind Part 1

High on our list is adding a wind instrument. So this Labor Day Weekend, that's the project.

The installation process goes something like this (things change despite the best planning)

  •  Test the system at home. 

I have several 12v converters left over from old computers/monitors/DVD drives etc, So I can use one of them as the power source. It only took a few minutes to connect all the pieces of the system to get it working.

Of course, there's was very little wind, but the system works great. With the Wireless wind transducer mounted on a pole in the yard and the electronics sitting on the kitchen island, it ran for 7 hours without an problems. So testing is done.
  • Mount the transducer on the masthead.
Bill Zimmer, a member of the HISC, has a Mast climber from ATN, and offered to loan it if needed. So I picked that up last night and Bill offered to assist at the boat today, assuming that he doesn't get the urge to go sailing. Hmmmm which would I chose?

So we're heading down to the boat this morning to basically get the transducer installed.

Learnt a couple of lessons about using the mast climber.

#1: Wear Gloves!

Get Prepared (what you need to have with you - put it in the bag)

Takes a little getting used to the method 
Don't lean back too far!

Check the Mast out as you go.

Don't get your knickers in a twist.

Take a breather.

Nearly There.

Phew! made it.

Cross that off the list!

Next, install the network, and the first part is extending the existing instrument cables so that they will reach the new Instrument platform in front of the helm. Stay tuned.

Here's the RatsNest of wire below the helm pedestal.

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