Saturday, June 13, 2015

Exhausting day

Peggy & I went to the boat today with a list of jobs to get done.

By 6pm we were exhausted and ready to quit for the day.

12 Volt Fans installed at the Galley & the Head, that makes life a lot more tolerable.

Cabin cleaning: Peggy cleaned the cabin cushions and the wood work on the Stbd side Cabin cupboards. This was a big thing to get done. We purchased a Bisell Green Machine and it does a great job. The water extracted from the cushion wash was pretty awful. But all of the cabin cushions are done.

I worked on the Solenoid for the gas system. Tested the wiring, that works fine. Connected the new solenoid to the electric control and that works too. But the job needs some plumbers Teflon tape to make the gas connections leak proof. It's on my list.

Then I got the transom cleaned up. Used 1200 grit wet-n-dry to remove the residue of the old names. Then washed the transom down with Polyglow prep. By the time I finished, it felt good and was ready for the new name. I had studied an online video of the process to put the vinyl lettering on the fiberglass. Worked a treat, I'll take pics tomorrow.

At that point we were pretty beat. The sun was brutal today, and working on the transom was almost painful.  Fortunately, when it came time to put the new name in place, a short period of cloud saved me.

Peggy did a great job on the head. Oxyclean does a wonderful job. The head now looks really good. And with the new fan installed, it smells sweet, in a good way.

After deciding which things to leave on board and which to take home, that included the Head Shower Curtain - Peggy is going to try and revive it. So we closed up the boat.

Peggy helped raise the dink back onto the foredeck, and then worked on cleaning the cockpit area. I covered the dink from the brutal Florida Sun, and cleaned out the toerail scuppers.

After a final cockpit washdown, we loaded up the truck and headed home.

Sunday I'll head back to the boat to Polyglow the transom.

We left the house this morning at 9:30am, spent 15 minutes diversion taking trash stuff to the bulk drop off before heading down to the boat. We arrived around 10:30, took a 30 minute Burger King Chicken Sandwich lunch and finished around 6pm. But what we did get done we did well!

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